S3 Fitness Coaching

Ilirjana Burgei- Master Coach
B.S. Exercise Science - The George Washington University 
NASM Certified - CPT, SFS, BTS, FNS
TRX Master Coach Certified- STC, FTC, GTC, SMSTC
CPR/AED Certified 

*Born and raised in Albania, but moved to the US when I was 12

*I provide safe and effective coaching for people to succeed in health, fitness and life.

*My favorite exercises are those that promote glute activation such as hip thrusts and deep muscle strengthening. Stronger glutes reduces and/or eliminates the chances of back pain as well as improve overall balance

*My favorite client attribute is when one takes responsibility for their own success and takes advice with an open mind

*My passion is to influence clients to make life-long changes, which I know will improve their quality of life, longevity, and overall health and wellness

*What I love the most, besides being a fitness coach, is traveling. I have traveled all over the world, but my current favorite place is Kauai, Hawaii

*Fun fact: when I lived in DC I owned a motorcycle  

My Philosophy:

My passion is to help people meet their goals in living a healthier and more active lifestyle. My past experience in physical therapy offices, assisting patients through their prescribed exercises, and working directly with physical therapists gives me unique insight to provide safe and effective coaching. I design individualized programs incorporating each client’s needs and desired outcomes. Building programs based on prior or current injuries is among my favorite challenges. I’ve had many clients describe reduction or elimination of pain and discomfort, and a feeling of general well being while also achieving the superficial goals we all want including reduction of fat mass while increasing lean muscle mass.