As a personal trainer and fitness coach serving Columbus, Ohio and Washington, DC, I am honored to be a part of my clients’ wellness transformations.
Here are just a few of their testimonials:

I cannot put into words how Ilirjana has changed my life. She has encouraged, guided and trained me into the best physical shape I have been in years. She creates workouts that are designed for your specific body and gives her undivided attention for every minute of your session. She truly cares about her clients and it shows! I would recommend her to anyone who has the desire to change their physical strength and health.
— Elizabeth Westfall/ Columbus, OHIO

A dedicated professional that is a joy to work with. She is very in tune with your needs and designs a work out program that meets your requirements. She has a great and lively personality to match, making your experience a pleasure.
— Ken Sufka/ Washington, DC

Thanks to a thorough assessment of my foot pain and listening to my goals I wanted to achieve, I am 100% improved and on my way to better health. My plantar fasciitis is gone and I feel younger than I have in years. Thanks Ilirjana for your help! I never thought I would walk without pain until I worked with you.
— Linda S./ Columbus, OHIO

Her knowledge and experience are second to none.She understands the clients physical ability or limitations and the goals they want to achieve and tailors the workout to meet them. I could not have been this successful without her professional input and experience. She is the very best and a good investment in yourself. Don’t you deserve the best?
— Catherine S./ Washington, DC

I have been working with Ilirjana for over a year now. I was getting bored (and injured) with simply running on the treadmill day after day. I was looking for something different that could help me accomplish my exercise goals. Thank God I found Ilirjana! Not only has she helped me to rehab a chronic injury, but she has taught me so much about circuit training and better lifting form, etc.

She is very down to earth and never intimidating. Her personal gym has everything one needs to push themselves. She tailors your work outs based on her experience and knowledge and is more than willing to give you work outs to do at home during the week. Working with Ilirjana has been one of the best decisions I have ever made.
— Ann Sage/ Columbus, Ohio

Ilirjana has been my personal trainer for 4 years. She designed a program suitable for me and my personal goals, with excellent and sustainable results. She has a deep knowledge in physical therapy, and helped me with a chronic back pain by strengthening my core. I highly recommend her.
— Mabel/ Washington, DC

I found Ilirjana on Thumbtack and what a find she was! She has changed my life in so many ways. I’ve had so many personal trainers in the past and have always left with injuries and a sense of frustration. That all changed when I met her. Ilirjana customizes my workouts to my needs and caters to my physical restrictions (and there are many). Her holistic approach to training truly incorporates mind, body, and spirit for ultimate results. This is the first time in my life that I truly like working out and make it a priority to put myself first. She has changed my perspective regarding my health and wellness. I am stronger than ever and have gained so much...including a life-long friend. I am forever grateful!!
— Carrie Kelley/ Columbus, Ohio

Having never worked with a trainer in all of 61 years, I entered into this relationship with more than a little hesitation. It took me weeks to get up the nerve to even approach Ilirjana, but I am so happy that I did. She asked the right questions about my goals (a 5K and 10K race were in my future and wanting to be able to enjoy activities with my grandchildren) and, even to me more importantly, what my concerns where. Having an LCL injury from a few years ago, I still babied my right leg. Ilirjana worked with me on that issue by trying different exercises. If something wasn’t working for me, her response was always, “we can do something else that will end in the same result.” She knew just how much to push me and when to let up. I was amazed at how much strength and stamina I gained in the time I worked with her. I can honestly say I truly enjoyed working with her and looked forward to our sessions even when I was not feeling well. She was always punctual and courteous. In the time we worked together, I know I made a lasting friendship. Even now, in my head, I hear her instructions! She is an inspiration to me and I will always be grateful that I saw her and said, “are you a trainer?” Thank you, Ilirjana!
— Nancy DeCrappeo/ Washington, DC

Great trainer, professional and knowledgeable. I have back problems and she knows how to work with me despite my chronic issues. Don’t let her size fool you, she is jam-packed full of energy and experience to take you to the next level. Well worth the investment.
— Andrew Sulema/ Washington, DC

My name is Kasie and while walking my dog around the neighborhood I happened to run into to Ilirjana walking her dog. In our conversation I spoke of how I was having pains in my lower back and knees. It was then shortly after our meeting that I started training with Ilirjana two times a week with a program that was personalized for me. As I was getting stronger she would add harder and more intensive workouts to my program. I had never met with a trainer or stepped foot into a gym before, so this was out of my comfort zone, but she made it fun and judgment free.
It’s been about a year and three months now since I haven’t felt any pain in my lower back and knee!! She has helped me to get into shape and I now feel confident and comfortable with working out!!! Ilirjana is positive and a well qualified trainer whom I would recommend to anybody!!!
— Kasie Baker/ Columbus, Ohio

After a demanding career started to take a toll on my body and stress levels, I turned to Ilirjana to get my fitness back on track. She has helped me to make tremendous strides in flexibility, energy, and overall strength. It feels so awesome to achieve new yoga poses with my new muscles!
— Meggie Francisco/ Columbus, OH

Excellent fitness coach! She will keep you motivated and focused. She is also great on recommending a nutritional plan.
— Maggie M./ Washington, DC

At 70 yrs of age I knew a total knee replacement was going to be serious and no fun. One evening while in the gym i met this delightful, personable trainer demanding strenuous workout from her clients while conveying a charming, engaging personality. We started hard work twice a week. I learned how to use upper body gym equipment and stretch bands. I learned lower body and stretching exercises. Over time I lost weight, gained strength. and while enjoying my workouts. In the hospital I had the arm strength to pull myself out of bed and I started the rehab process with stronger leg(s) advantage Our loss in D.C. is your gain in Ohio. Ilirjana is an excellent trainer. I am sorry she left our area.
— BR R. / Washington, DC

I am proud today to be back to wearing a size two. I wear a bikini with pride and stand a little straighter every single day, literally as well. While my goal was to look great right away, Illirjana somehow shifted my focus to athleticism and strength. When I got impatient she would say “it’s like peeling an onion, just a little at a time, don’t worry you’ll get there.” My body is better now than it was in college. Since so much of weight loss and toning is also what you do outside of your work out, Ilirjana would send me information on diet and instructed me about what exercises I should do on my off days. Between the workouts and better diet I started seeing results but I also felt happier.
— Sarita/ Washington, DC

I have been working out with Ilirjana for over a year now and I love it. She works with you to accomplish your individual goals and understand that each person has different ability levels. If I ever have any random muscle issues (at my age they happen) she works with me to relieve any pain. Ilirjana has lots of exercise options if necessary. Oh, and she will kick your butt and smile the whole time. If you are a dog lover you can ask to have Livie hang with you during your workout.
— Cindy Watson/ Columbus, Ohio

Highly recommended fitness coach! Ilirjana is exceptional at fitness, customizing your workout, and personalizing the entire experience. She has an answer and/or resource for any roadblock, excuse, or misstep, but not in an annoying, condescending way that can sometimes accompany individuals with a healthy lifestyle. Very practical and encouraging. I am confident I will reach my fitness goals and know that when I do, she will have already set new heights for me to reach.
— Wendy Willis/ Columbus, OH

If you are looking for a top notch personal trainer, Ilirjana is the person for you.
After several sessions of physical therapy to address various lower back and cervical spine issues we decided to get a personal trainer to help us achieve our goal of muscle strengthening and resistance training. We were lucky to find Ilirjana, who was training some of our neighbors in our own building gym. Ilirjana developed a program for us taking into account our issues. She is an excellent professional, who challenges you, but is also careful not to cause additional injuries. She takes a personal interest in her clients‘ overall well-being and progress. Ilirjana has a bubbly personality, but takes her work very seriously. She is caring and above all, a wonderful human being. Working out with her is rewarding and fun.

We trained with Ilirjana for about 18 months and were very sorry to lose her when she and her new husband decided to move back home to Ohio. Too bad she cannot be cloned.
— Maria and Myriam/ Washington, DC

Ilirjana is amazing! I have back issues and she focuses the workouts on ensuring I am performing all moves correctly. With having a little boy at home, she also provides workouts I can do at home. I have no hesitation recommending Ilirjana to anyone looking to better themselves!
— Emily Clum/ Columbus, OH

I am 77 years old with absolutely no athletic abilities who never made a team in high school. I never worked out in my life simply out of laziness. I met Ilirjana during my knee rehab 5 years ago and slowly but surely, she has helped me get into a good shape and reach for a better quality of life. It has been a lot of fun training with her and overtime it turned into a strong friendship. She’s the best trainer you could ever ask for who takes her work seriously but knows how to have fun. Heck, once in a while she has even taken my advice!!!
— Tony Gould/ Washington, DC

Ilirjana is an awesome trainer! She will meet your needs and push you to meet your goals. She is a great confidence builder as well and stays positive throughout the entire process. If you are looking for a great fitness studio and an even better trainer, you have to go see her!
— Gina Lombardo/ Columbus, OH